Instrument of Music

Do you know I play musical instruments? Yes, I play about four (4) instruments, bass guitar, keyboard, acoustic or box guitar, and drums. Just that I not a topnotch super player in all.

I’ve had opportunities to be with instrumentalist, and seriously they have different fragrance and add varying beauty to music. So, the pictures I want to share today relates to three guys I’ve met in recent times, who play for pastor Abimbola Akinkuowo. Although I’m not conversant with their names but I know their acts and arts. They are good.

I’ve really don’t like talking drum (gangan) because of the players. They seem to do and act like the name of the instrument they play, ganran ganran (restive), but this guy trills me. I just love his style, gentility, and quietness. And he is very good.

Also, the lead guitarist is amazingly awesome. He is very skillful and gentle on the instrument. He plays with ease.

The next instrument is funny. It is called sekere in Yoruba. Guess it’s shakers in English. This guy plays so good and he also backs up for the lead singer.

And lastly, Ay Pumpay, so they call him. Knew him back my university days and truly, He is good. His style is so friendly and hard. Plays with smiles on his face, enjoying not just his beats but the whole music. I couldn’t hold back my laughter when the band leader started spraying him money for his amazing strokes.


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